Tank the Gas Tax

Tank the Gas Tax

It’s taxation without representation

Why did over 1000 volunteers give up 9 weekends to stand out in the cold to collect 100,000+ signatures? Why did over 100,000+ plus Massachusetts residents sign our petition?

They did it to stop the automatic gas tax hikes!

Last summer the legislature linked the gas tax to inflation which means our gas taxes will automatically increase every year.  Just wait until the federal government stops printing money.  Inflation will skyrocket! What if there is deflation?  The legislature created a floor to the gas tax so it will never go down and we will never get a break. Why is tying the gas tax to inflation so bad? If we don’t stop the linkage of this tax to inflation, then the legislature will surely link other taxes to inflation. Do  you want your property taxes linked to inflation?  How about the income tax?  How about excise taxes?  How about fees? That’s what will happen if we don’t repeal this tax!
Remember, the legislature tied their pay to inflation.  They got away with that and now they are trying to do the same with taxes. If the legislature, who get per diems to drive to the State House, wants to raise our taxes, they should have to vote for it.

Stop Taxation Without Representation!

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