Tank the Gas Tax

Tank the Gas Tax



Why to vote YES on 1?

• No tax should increase automatically

• The legislature linking the gas tax to inflation is taxation without representation.

• If the legislature wants more of our hard earned paycheck and savings, then they should have to vote on it!

• The gas tax is a regressive tax that hurts the poor and middle class the most.

• We pay 26.6 cents per gallon in state taxes. That doesn’t include the federal tax of 18.4 cents per gallon. When you fill up with 15 gallons of gas, you are paying $6.73 in taxes!

• Legislators get paid to drive to the State House. They don’t have to pay gas taxes.

• Most goods and products are shipped by truck. This tax effectively increases the price of every product.

• If the legislature is allowed to increase this tax without a vote, they will link other taxes such as property and income taxes to inflation next.

• If money is needed for roads and bridges, the legislature should have to vote to raise our taxes.

• This administration has wasted $2 billion of our tax dollars.

• Massachusetts spends $675,312 for highway maintenance. The national average is $162,202. Massachusetts spends $78,000 on administrative costs per mile.

• The last time the gas tax was increased that money did not go to roads and bridges.

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