Tank the Gas Tax

Tank the Gas Tax



Yes on 1 to Stop Automatic Tax Hikes Rolls Out the State House Tab

One Year Anniversary of House Overriding Governor’s Veto of Taxes

Boston, MA…Today on the one-year anniversary of the House voting to override the Governor’s veto of the tax package thus passing a $500 million in tax increases, Yes on 1 organizers for the ballot initiative to tank the automatic gas tax hikes rolled out on the State House stairs the State House Tab.  It is a list of how Massachusetts state government has wasted $2 billion of tax dollars.

“Our state doesn’t have a revenue problem.  Our state government has a mismanagement problem,” said Rep. Geoff Diehl.  “One year ago the House voted to raise taxes & kill new business loans  Our focus should be on stopping the wasting of tax dollars rather than raiding the wallets of the hard working taxpayers.” said Rep. Lenny Mirra

The State House Tab lists the following mismanagement problems:

  • Crime lab scandal  $332 million
  • Toll takers severance package $24 million
  • Welfare fraud  $200 million
  • Health Connector(failed website and insurance coverage problems) $500 million
  • Unemployment Insurance website overrun $6 million
  • Health safety net for ineligible residents $175 million
  • Abandoned department of revenue website $55 million
  • Mass Health for ineligible residents $93 million
  • MBTA maintenance Department mismanagement $250 million
  • 40% increase in state employees earning over $100,000 $354 million
  • MBTA poorly designed renovations  $11 million
  • Makeover of Governor’s Office $9 million
  • Transgender reassignment coverage $2.6 million
  • Evergreen Solar $30 million
  • State Climatologist $100,000


“Clearly there was no need to link the gas tax to inflation.  By giving the State House more and more money we are not demanding accountability.  We need to repeal taxation without representation by voting Yes on 1,” said State Representative Shaunna O’Connell.

“The opposition claims that $100 million is needed each year for transportation.  The last time the gas tax was raised the money for the gas tax was raided for the general fund.  If the majority party wants to continue to tax and spend in this fashion, they should have the courage to vote for the tax increases annually,” said State Representative Marc Lombardo.

“Our roads and bridges should be paved in gold for what we pay in taxes.  This list doesn’t include in-state tuition costs for those who break the rules,” said State Representative Jim Lyons.  “I urge voters to repeal automatic tax hikes.  The linkage of the gas tax is a license to waste.”

“Over the past year we have outlined three different ways to pay for transportation needs without raising taxes.  Let’s be fair to the taxpayers and demand reform,” said Diehl. 

Standing is support of more fiscal accountability were candidates for the House including: Colleen Maloney, Karen Anderson, Lou Valanzola, Shawn Craig, Joe McKenna, Joe Sheehan, Jim Pavlik, Doug Grindle, Carolyn Colarusso, Tom Lyons, Dennis Galvin, Nathan Bech, Tim Hempton and Paul Girourad. 



It’s taxation without representation Donate Now!

Why did over 1000 volunteers give up 9 weekends to stand out in the cold to collect 100,000+ signatures? Why did over 100,000+ plus Massachusetts residents sign our petition?

They did it to stop the automatic gas tax hikes!

Last summer the legislature linked the gas tax to inflation which means our gas taxes will automatically increase every year.  Just wait until the federal government stops printing money.  Inflation will skyrocket! What if there is deflation?  The legislature created a floor to the gas tax so it will never go down and we will never get a break. Why is tying the gas tax to inflation so bad? If we don’t stop the linkage of this tax to inflation, then the legislature will surely link other taxes to inflation. Do  you want your property taxes linked to inflation?  How about the income tax?  How about excise taxes?  How about fees? That’s what will happen if we don’t repeal this tax!
Remember, the legislature tied their pay to inflation.  They got away with that and now they are trying to do the same with taxes. If the legislature, who get per diems to drive to the State House, wants to raise our taxes, they should have to vote for it.

Stop Taxation Without Representation!

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