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Medicaid, the public health insurance program, plays a significant role for people who need it, especially for people who have low incomes, that hard to pay bills when in the hospital. That’s why the US state and federal make a program called Medicaid to help people like the economically challenged, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Here is some role that Medicaid does to help people.

Provide Access To Affordable Healthcare

By providing affordable medical support to the entire community, especially the underprivileged, Medicaid can bridge the gap between hospital services and accessibility due to lack of money and inability to pay.

This access to health care includes hospitalization, emergency room admissions due to illness, routine preventive visits such as medical check-ups, and so on.

Access to affordable health can help people become more productive, which can help the development of the United States become more advanced because of its contribution to development such as the economy, society, and the surrounding environment.

Adequate access to health services can help create communities that are stronger, more resistant to health challenges, and better able to adapt to environmental change.

By ensuring adequate access to health services, we can create healthier, more empowered, and more prosperous communities overall. Therefore, it’s a very important investment for individuals, communities, and countries.

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Preventing Poverty From Medical Payments

The United States is known for its high cost of medical treatment. The reason for this is because the facilities they have are of high quality, that’s why they need to pay a lot of money. People who don’t have high incomes will have a dilemma in their mind about whether should they go to the hospital or not. If they go to the hospital, how can they pay the bill? If they don’t go, they will stay sick and cannot work.

That’s why Medicaid has been made to help those people so they don’t need to worry about the price. It will help prevent poverty from medical payments such as medical debt.

Support In Improving Public Health

Medicaid also supports improving public health, because it will prevent people that don’t have enough money to go. They no longer need to pay for expensive medical expenses because they are assisted by Medicaid, which will help reduce deaths due to illnesses that could have been prevented or treated at the hospital.

Medicaid provides prevention from the spread of pandemic-like viruses such as the coronavirus that occurred in 2020. Medicaid also teaches people to help prevent the transmission of infectious diseases through socialization.

Providing Care For People With Chronic Conditions

Medicaid helps people with physical disabilities such as the purchase of wheelchairs and for people who are in chronic conditions such as people who need to wash their blood every week to continue living or people who have been in an accident so they have to use oxygen cylinders to breathe. this assistance is very necessary for them so that they do not spend too much money.

Medicaid plays an important role for people affected by chronic diseases, whose role starts from the diagnosis stage, routine monitoring, administering medication and therapy, and emotional and psychological support, to help patients make decisions so that they can maximize the quality of life they live.

Reduce The Burden On The Government And Society

Affordable health services to the entire community, can help the financial pressure on the community and help the pressure of life for the government. because if hospital payments are very expensive, people will be more willing to endure the pain that is not much for them, the important thing is that they can still live even without realizing that the disease will have a dangerous impact later that can even cause death.

With this reduced cost, it can reduce deaths due to illnesses that are treated late so that the government does not bother.

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Promote Preventive Services

Medicaid also plays a role in the process of preventing diseases that people can suffer from, such as socializing with the surrounding community about a disease, the impact of the disease, how to avoid the disease, and how to treat it.

Medicaid also helps so that people can participate in periodic examinations to see if there is a risk of dangerous diseases or diseases that people are not aware of.

That’s all the 6 roles that Medicaid plays to help people in the United States.